Chandler: connecting continents

Chandler GmbH

Mittelweg 55

20149 Hamburg

電話: +49 40 238 017-0

傳真: +49 40 238 017-19


Chandler Shipping has been operating on the international logistics market since 1996. A long-term experience in cargo transportation of any category and complexity (including project logistics for extra-large cargo by truck, railway, water and air), forms the competitive advantage of the company.

Chandler is distinguished by:

  • Integrated approach in logistics: transportation via various transportation modes, including company´s own fleet of standard and mega trailers with the capacity up to 21 tons,
  • Continuous optimization of routes,
  • Careful monitoring of all project stages,
  • Resource optimization and cost reduction,
  • Customs clearance: customs documentation processing and support for all cargo types at all stages of cargo transportation,
  • Consulting.

For cargo storage Chandler offers warehousing services in Europe, Russia and CIS countries. It ensures flexible schedules and prompt delivery to the site.

The engineering department provides a set of project development services: survey of roads, bridges, pipelines, energy transmission lines, as well as project design and construction of temporary mooring facilities, route planning for the equipment transportation worldwide, including hardly-accessible and inaccessible areas.

. . . Connecting continents