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Transportation of oversized superheavy cargo in Uralsk region

The event: Interdepartmental round-table

Date: February 9th, 2010 time: 14:00-17:00

Place: the Conference hall of Perm TTP (Perm, Soviet Street, 24b)

Purpose of meeting – the organisation of cooperation at maintenance of complex security between all participants of cargo transportation process including superheavy and oversized cargo on an Example of the Ural region.

The Perm region has a unique position of transport streams crossing. There are four kinds of cargo transportation coincide in this region: railway, truck, air and water. These advantages have to be used.

By using of any kind of transportation of oversized, superheavy goods it is necessary the complex, professional approach and long preparation works to provide secure and on-time delivery. It is necessary to provide the complex logistical method to process of transportations from door to door on the basis of electronic document circulation.

It will allow us to accelerate the process of transport organisation. With this purpose the company Chandler together with Commercial and industrial Chamber of Perm Region have invited representatives of all state authorities: automobile (Avtodor), railway ( Sverdlovsk Railway), water administrations, road police and forwarders to discuss problems concerning transportation of heavy cargoes.

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