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Transportation of MAN Vehicles


Workuta (RU)


In frame of the annual contract between the companies MAN Truck and Bus RUS and Chandler there was finished another planned transportation of new machinery form Moscow to Vorkuta.
The cargo is usually delivered by rail way on standard rail platforms. Chandler provides the whole scope of services: order and supply of platforms, working out and approval of loading schemes, preparation of cargo for the departure. Preparation works are done distinctly according to the instructions of the customer: mirrors are removed, pads are lowered, customer is informed about the location of keys and about the scheme of passage. The customer receives daily update of the location of rail cars and gets photo report from the place of loading.
Altogether there were delivered to Vorkuta 14 dump trucks, 9 buses, 2 tank trucks, 2 trailers and several trucks.
Total transit time from Moscow to Vorkuta is 5 days.

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