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Power equipment delivery for Tashkent


May 2014 – October 2014

The group of Chandler companies proceeds with the next stage of the power equipment delivery for Tashkent Gas-Turbine Power Plant.

Steam and gas turbine together with generators (items weight – 279 t., 140 t., 225 t., 117 t.), along with 170 items of additional equipment, with total weight 800 tons are transported in terms of the project.

After loading in port Charleston (USA) and Linz (Austria) cargo was consolidated in port Constanta (Romania) for the further delivery by „river-sea“ type vessel through Caspian Sea. Following the transshipment on the roads of port Constanta with the help of self geared vessel, all the equipment was transported through Volga and Don rivers to the ports of discharge Aktau and Kuryk. In the ports of discharge general equipment has been transshiped to rail platforms, transporters and special module trailers for heavyweight cargo for the final delivery to Tashkent GTPP construction site.

Gas turbine with the weight 279 tons was delivered to Tashkent GTPP on 28.10.2014. Convoy with total of 22 axles (in three lines) was used for turbine transportation. At the same time the total lenght of convoy was 54 meters and total weight 380 tons. The extension of route, which passed through the territories of Kazahstan and Uzbekistan equaled around 2.300 km.
Along the route convoy faced with such infrastructure hazards as 300 km without asphalt covering or equal on the territory of Kazahstan and several complicated landscape segments (hills, etc.). Convoy was escorted by mobile construction group, which was preparing the route by means of road reconstruction along the whole route.

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