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Refinery equipment to Ryazan


Emporia (KS, USA)/Japan - Ryazan (RU)

June 2013 - present

The consolidation of cargo from the USA and Japan for delivery to Ryazan was carried out in Port of Antwerp (Belgium), where two ships arrived from the USA and Japan with 8,880 m3 of equipment at the beginning of June.
For the loading of the 4 reactors with a total weight of 300 tons to the specialized LASH barge, ship cranes and harbour cranes were used. Besides the reactors, other equipment was loaded:
– Distillation column with a weight of 95 tons, a length of 51m and a diameter of 4,5m
– A second column with a weight of 50 tons, a length of 37m and a diameter of 4m
– 129 tons heavy gas scrubber
– Thermo centrifuge with a weight of 149 tons.
More than 200 units of equipment with a weight up to 55 tons and a diameter of 5m/unit were loaded on a river-sea vessel.

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