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Delivery of a gas piston power plant of Wärtsilä Pori (Finland) to Kurgan (Russia)


Pori (FN) – Kurgan (RU)

May 2014 – June 2014

In June 2014, the delivery of a gas piston power plant of Wärtsilä Pori (Finland) to Kurgan (Russia) took place.
The total charge weight of those promoted plant was about 2,100 tons, including 43 units with excesses and overweight.
For transporting a cargo ship from the Port of Pori, Finland to the port of St. Petersburg, Russia was used, where then carried out the customs clearance which expired within the previously organized by Chandler classification division.
The further transportation to Kurgan proceeded on different routes. The heaviest units – three engines, which weight of each exceeded 73 tons, were brought to the unloading station in the on specialized rail transporter to be in the vicinity of the construction site. Then the engines were alternately discharged using a portal system and brought with seven-tugs to the site. On the same day the transported with low bed loader from Saint Petersburg generators and frame arrived for the motors on the site.
The difficulty of this stage determined the optimum, on-time delivery, regardless of distance with about 2 ½ one thousand kilometers, the rail transporter had with the three engines and transported by truck frame and generators simultaneously arrive at the construction site to the proper discharge site within each day to ensure.
In addition to the generators and frame on the site more than 40 low loaders were supplied with oversized units and 19 trucks Plan of St. Petersburg to the hill.
For the 110 containers two universal container trains from St. Petersburg were used to reach the destination on container station in Kurgan, the subsequent supply was made with container platforms.
Within the following months after the delivery of the main cargo volume additional supplies of parts produced were carried out later. These deliveries were made under the same classification decision in St. Petersburg in order to minimize the amount of customs duties.

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