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Delivery of asphalt plant 240 Universal Quick to Ryazan


Alfeld (DE) - Ryazan (RU)

June 2013 - July 2013

On 19.07.2013, the delivery of 1 Asphalt mixing Plant 240 Universal Quick to Ryazan, Russia was carried out. The equipment was collected from manufacturing factories in different countries of the European Union and taken to consolidation at a harbor in Germany. The transport by sea and the simultaneous arrival of the entire system allowed a rapid clearance in 1 lot in St. Petersburg. The delivery consisted of more than 200 items with a total weight of 430.274 tons. The transport of the standard cargo was carried out multimodal: via ferry, without transhipment, with 24 trailers from our own fleet and 31 special units. The transport was carried out within a tight schedule and to the complete satisfaction of our client.

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