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Delivery of the pressure swing absorption to Sizran


Thyrnau (DE) - Syzran (RU)

February 2013

At the end of January 2013 Chandler GmbH company carried the delivery of pressure swing adsorption and components by Linde Gas Engeneering from Germany to Syzran, Russia.
In the period from January to February from the port of Antwerp were taken on low-loading trailers two nitrogen buffer with dimensions:
12.67 x 3.43 x 3.72 m, weight for each unit – 21 t
and 4 adsorbers with dimensions 6.90 x 2.58 x 2.82 m, 27 t per unit.

Delivery of oversized equipment occurred on low-loading trailers by transit via ferry lines. For the transportation of components were used 4 standard tilt semitrailers and one mega-trailer. All equipment without intermediate reloading was delivered via ferry in one lot to the port of St. Petersburg, where the customs clearance of cargo has been completed.

Despite unfavorable weather conditions, transportation of oversized cargo and components have been passed in time and in compliance with the requirements of the customer.

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