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Changes in the TIR Carnet application order in the territory of the Russian Federation led to increased queuing time at border-crossing points.

The reason for the delay is the growing number of operations that precede the customs clearance and a sharp increase in the number of requests for the issue of guarantee agreements in the organizations authorized by the Federal Customs Service.
Measures to ensure customs regulations compliance for the cargo imported to the Russian Federation are applied regionally, i.e. starting from the Far Eastern regions, where the changes were implemented 14.09.2013.
12.11.2013 the Federal Customs Service applied the cancellation of TIR Carnets for truck transit to the Central Customs Administration.
19.11.2013 the cancellation was applied to the Pskov, Sebezh, and Kingisepp Customs, which are the subordinates to the North-Western Customs Administration. It affected the cargo transported from Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
The additional requirements and Carnet TIR cancellation imply an alternative provision of guarantee payment for customs clearance. Relevant paperwork leads to an increase in delivery time, because the re-registration workload related to cargo entering Russia rises as well. Due to that fact border-crossing points accumulate a large number of trucks, causing queues.
According to the information received today from Lithuania and Belarus, at the moment the situation is stabilizing. The number of vehicles at border crossings points decreases. We are expecting no further delays, additional cargo and document inspections at the borders (LT/BY and BY/RU).

We appreciate your understanding and will do our best to keep you updated.

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