Chandler: connecting continents

Chandler GmbH

Mittelweg 55

20149 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 238 017-0

Fax: +49 40 238 017-19

Project & Engineering

Department of project transportation and engineering designs and implements complex transport solutions. The company offers consolidation of cargo up to 1800 t per unit and obtaining all necessary permits from the government.

  • Transportation of oversized cargo (up to 1800 t per unit)
  • Designing and construction of temporary berths for unloading equipment on undeveloped shore (Ro-Ro, “flying bridge”, rigging, etc),
  • Evaluation and preparation of roads for transportation of heavy lift cargo,
  • Analysis of internal waterways,
  • Assembly and installation of turbines on the foundation,
  • Coordination of transport routes and obtaining the permits from the government,
  • Delivery of industrial equipment, including the dismantling and assembly,
  • Transportation of specialized equipment for extraction, processing for the oil and gas industry,
  • Transportation of units for hydraulic, thermal and nuclear power plants.

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