Chandler: connecting continents

Chandler GmbH

Mittelweg 55

20149 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 238 017-0

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Middle East and East Africa

The Chandler Group offers the implementation of transport projects, transportation of heavy/oversized cargo and handling customs issues in the Middle East countries (incl. Iran and Iraq) and the East African countries such as Mozambique, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan. The Chandler team enables optimal control, execution and monitoring each stage in transportation.


  • Worldwide shipment to the delivery point, with overload/transshipment via Dubai or Djibouti
  • Procurement/purchase of all required Genehmigungen
  • Engineering and installation work execution
  • Oder/shipment tracking
  • Assistance with customs clearance and documentation
  • Customs transit through the countries of the Middle East and East Africa
  • Shipment to the Turkmenistan and Iran
  • Individual planning and transportation of heavy/oversized cargo

. . . Connecting continents