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Delivery of construction equipment for Rogunskaya power station

20160621_150050In June, 2016 within scope of the construction project of the Rogunskaya regional power station Chandler successfully delivered the equipment necessary for soil drilling and installation of piles for the new part of the station under construction. The delivery was organized from St. Petersburg (Russia) to Rogun (Tajikistan) with a customs clearance in Dushanbe (Tajikistan). Total gross weight of the project was 720 000 kg. Standard size equipment was delivered by standard container yards and trucks from St. Petersburg to Rogun without reloading. Oversited equipment including, the crane, the drilling rig and the casing oscillator  with the total weight of 161 200 kg, were delivered to the station Volkovskaya (the railway terminal in St. Petersburg), further by rail to the station Kayrat (Almaty, Kazakhstan), where they were reloaded to the low-bed trawls for oversized equipment and delivered to the final destination. Transportation was complicated by the weather conditions. Because of heavy rains, mountain roads were washed away, what made the transportation, especially of the oversized equipment, more difficult. However, Chandler successfully accomplished the mission and delivered the equipment in time.

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