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Delivery of 2 separators for Oil Refinery Plant in Belarus

In July, two separators, with the dimensions: length – 14 meters, diameter – more than 6 meters, weight 55 and 61 tons accordingly, were delivered to Belarus. Separators, manufactured in Austria, were transported by the Linz-Antwerp river route, then by the sea vessel on the route Antwerp-Paldiski and the final transportation was done by road from the Paldiski port to the Mozyr refinery in Belarus.
There was a potentially dangerous section of the road from Paldiski to Mozyr with the length of 1.100 km, the difficulty of this section was connected with the height of the cargo and a large number of infrastructure facilities.
Preliminary, Chandler’s team worked at the ETL shutdown schedule and coordinated it with all relevant organizations, also prepared the road surface and removed
obstacles on the delivery route for smooth transportation.

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