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Introduction of road tax on federal highways in Germany

Starting at 00:00 pm August 1, 2012 in Germany was introduced road tax. The tax applies to the movement of freight vehicles on segments of federal highways with multiband movement (at least 4-lane), and connecting the adjacent German autobahn in a network. The total length of toll roads in Germany increased by 1.135 km. The […]

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Experts predict up to 64 million tons of freight traffic per year by using Great Ice Highway

Having a big experience on transport market and proceeding of tasks that are issued by customers Chandler is permanently working out new ways for delivery of cargo to any destinations. One of the best examples is the organization of transpiration via the «SevMorPut». While many logistics companies are just beginning to understand the importance of […]

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Delivery super oversized cargo and heavy cargo.

Chandler Logistics company Surgut implemented transportation-specific super oversized cargo, made by order of “Tobolsk Polymer.” Two chemical columns with a loading height of 9 meters, 100 meters long and weighing over 500 tons were delivered to the city of Tobolsk. The length of the route when land transport was more than 2.5 kilometers. Experts call […]

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Delivery of Equipment for Chemical Production

In July 2012 Chandler successfully finished the delivery of 24 units of oversized hemispherical heads with a diameter 3.8 m. This equipment is part of the reactors developed for the production of chemicals. Cargo was delivered to Tambov from the manufacturer´s door the city of Koblenz (Germany) via the ports of Lübeck and Liepae. Thanks […]

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Transportation Airport technology from Europe to Moscow

In June, the project was successfully completed on the transport of the 10 airport car «SCHMIDT» with accessories from Europe to Russia. 06.06.2012 was taken the last two items of equipment consignee – The International airport “Domodedovo”. The new sweeper – purge-propelled machines and snow machines were delivered from the factory door manufacturer located in […]

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The WINDPOWER 2012 German Evening Reception

On 4. June the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Southern US together with the German Consulate in Atlanta organized the WINDPOWER 2012 German Evening Reception. Representatives of Chandler didn´t miss the opportunity to reach that important market and network with German and American leaders in the wind industry. Our colleagues met German manufacturers, […]

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From 3. till 6. June representatives of the company Chandler visited the AWEA Windpower 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia/USA. AWEA is one of the biggest manufacturing exhibitions in the USA and the main wind power exhibition in the world. This year 1800 participants working in the branch of alternative energy presented services and products of their […]

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Покорение Америки

Representatives of the company Chandler took part in one of the biggest offshore technologies conferences OTC 2012. OTC was founded in 1969 and it is conducted every year in Reliant-Center, in the city of Houston- world capital of oil and gas. This year it was visited by more than 90000 people and 2500 participants from […]

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Chandler Logistic in Business Russia Magasin

(Deutsch) “Der Nordostpassage (SMP) – die kürzeste Linie, die den europäischen Teil Russlands und den Fernen Osten verbindet. Für viele Regionen des Hohen Nordens ist es der einzige Weg in die Zivilisation, auf welchem für kurze Zeit im Sommer die Ladungen für das nächste Jahr geliefert werden…

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Transportation of 8 modules and additional material from manufacturer ADK-Modulraum.

In March 2012 8 medical modules and additional material for the building of medical center were delivered from ADDK Modulraum (South of Germany, Neresheim) to Ekaterinburg. Due to the big experience in transportation of medical modules, acquirement of all the details and transport conditions of this oversized cargo there was worked out optimal logistic scheme […]

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Transportation of 17 apron buses NEOPLAN

Transportation of 17 apron buses NEOPLAN from the production plant (Pilsting/Germany) via sea ports Lübeck and St. Petersburg to the airports Vnukovo and Domodedovo/Moscow. Complexity of this transportation was the impossibility to load them by crane. As the buses are very low for their loading/unloading were used special- made ramps 14 m long for roll-on […]

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Transportation of equipment from Alabama/USA to Genk/Belgium

The company Chandler Belgium is finishing multimodal transportation of 3 sections of oversized woodworking equipment from the USA to Belgium. This transportation includes the organization of delivery of the equipment from the state Alabama to the port of Savannah /Georgia. In Savannah cargo was repacked in special drape and after all the customs formalities was […]

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Transportation of crane Liebherr from Germany to Murmansk

The company “Chandler Belgium” successfully completed the multimodal transportation of crane Liebherr LTM1160-5.1 with the capacity 160 to from the port of Kiel to the airport of Murmansk. Dimensions and weight of crane and counterweights are as follows L 15,02m x W 3,00mx H 4m, weight 60 to; total weight of counterweights 40to. This transportation […]

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Delivery of Palfinger Crane

Since July 2011 Company “Chandler GmbH” has been transporting weekly by own trailers cranes from the manufacturer in Austria to doors of the consignee in Russia. The contract for delivery is prolonged till the end of 2012. For the information: The company Palfinger is the Austrian concern which basic line of activity is manufacturing of […]

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On a threshold of technological breakthrough. During the visit of Noursultan Nazarbaev in Germany contracts for the sum nearby 4 billion euro are signed

One of primary aims of present visit of the president of Kazakhstan – a conclusion of economic relations of two states in a new plane of practical interoperability. Recently Astana and Berlin actively discussed a question on promotion of cooperation under the formula « raw materials in exchange for investments and technologies ». Noursultan Nazarbaevs […]

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Presentation of group of companies Chandler in Tomsk

On November, 2nd ” the presentation of group of companies Chandler ” took place in a building of the Russian-German house. At a meeting there were representative vice mayor on capital construction of Tomsk Marchenko A.V., representatives of administration of Altay territory, representatives of department of the international and regional communications of Tomsk and other […]

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The delivery of 367 modules on a building site of the Federal Center of Neurosurgery Novosibirsk is completed

On November, 15th, 2011  the company Chandler has delivered the last 12 of 367 modules for the Novosibirsk Federal Center of neurosurgery. Besides  the modules from Germany on a building site  54 eurowaggons with an additional equipment have arrived there,too. The delivery of the medical modules was carried out on a following route: ADK Factory […]

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The 367-th module for the Neurosurgery Centre in Novosibirsk left the factory in Germany.

  The 367-th module for  the  Neurosurgery Centre in Novosibirsk left the factory in Germany. Remind you that the construction of this project is conducting by “Rostechnologies”. All modules for center were assembled and equipped in Germany. The latest module was produced in the end of September of 2011-th. As you can see on the […]

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Transport and Logistics 2011

From the 20th till the 22nd of September an exhibition-conference “Transport and logistic 2011”took place in the exhibition center of the Antverpen, Belgium, which is very popular and famous among manufacturers, transport companies and forwarding agents. On the exhibition were introduced leaders of the European transport market and company Chandler had its own stand as […]

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The transporting of heavy-weight equipment to the Salekhard, Nizhnevartovsk TPS

Within  the project of delivery General Electric’s energetic equipment for the building of  the new power generating unit company Chandler has successful transported 3 heavy-weight units (steam turbine weight 291 ton, gas-generator – 218 ton and generator for steam turbine – 188 ton) from the board of of the STK type craft on the special prepared for […]

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Construction of a third power-generating unit at the Nizhnevartovsk TPS

Success of the vast investment project – construction of third Nijnevartovsk power-generating unit SDPS – depends on the logistic company as much as on general contractor and investors. Construction of new buildings, assembling of equipment directly depends on organized and professional work of shipping company. In April 2011 American diversified corporation “General Electric”, world first […]

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Delivery of “General Electric” energy equipment to Nijnevartovsk SDPS

Through the assistance of the project of delivery of “General Electric” energy equipment, “Chandler” started to construct a moorage Ro-Ro and temporary road to the construction site of new power generating unit on Nijnevartovsk SDPS. Delivery of the main heavyweight equipment is planned to the end of summer 2011: • Combustion turbine 9 FA – […]

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Компания Chandler приняла участие в выставке Break Bulk 2011

С 17 по 19 мая в центральном выставочном центре г. Антверпен, Бельгия состоялась 6-я ежегодная выставка – конференция Break Bulk 2011, широко известная и популярная среди производителей, транспортников и экспедиторов. На выставке были представлены лидеры европейского транспортного рынка- крупные грузоперевозчики, экспедиторы, операторы портов и грузовых терминалов. В числе представленых компаний, имеющих собственный стенд, была и […]

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The first modules for the construction of Neurosurgery Centre in Novosibirsk

The first 71 modules for the construction of the Federal Centre for Neurosurgery in Novosibirsk have left the harbour Antwerp heading towards the harbour Perm. Up to now 185 modules have been dispatched from manufacturers works. At this date mobilization works for the construction site of the next centre have been put through and it […]

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First modules for construction of cardiology were sent from Germany to Kaliningrad

Delivery of all modules and complementary equipment is planned to be completed till the end of July 2011. First set of modules for construction of cardiovascular surgery was delivered on 10 of May 2011. Reportedly, vessel “Volgo-Balt-210” has left the German port Rostock and is going to Kaliningrad area. As it is known by “”, […]

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Delivery of modules and supplementary equipment for construction of Smolensk Health Center

165 truckloads of modules and 49 truckloads of supplementary equipment were delivered to the construction site of Smolensk inter-regional traumatology, orthopedics and endoprosthesis replacement center. Delivery of medical equipment was fulfilled by using two routes: 1. Cadolto plant in Krolpa – port of Rostock – port of St.Petersburg – Smolensk 2. Cadolto plant in Kadoltzburg […]

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Transportation of Viesmann equipment.

Project on delivery and customs clearing of Viesmann boiler installation took a start on April 2011. Boiler installation consists of 4 steam boilers sized 11,20 x 6,60 x 5,30 m; each of it weights around 75 tons. Also boiler installation includes 4 vapor prime movers and 500 units of components. Parts of boiler installation are […]

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Breakbulk Europe 2011, 18-20 Mai

On May 18-20th 2011 in Antwerp (Belgium) the conference Breakbulk Europe will take place, which is the most important annual event for all forwarders of the project freights. The exhibition BreakBulk Europe is the meeting point of freight owners and transporters who are ready to implement the most difficult transportations. The stands of the world […]

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(Русский) В 2006 году вышло Постановление Правительства РФ о строительстве федеральных центров высоких медицинских технологий в восьми городах России – среди них 4 сердечно–сосудистой хирургии, два травматологии, ортопедии и эндопротезирования, один нейрохирургии и один научно–клинический центр детской гематологии, онкологии и иммунологии.

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Произведена выгрузка с теплохода “Flinterland” сорока медицинских модулей

12 февраля на терминале «МОБИ ДИК» в Кронштадте была произведена выгрузка с теплохода “Flinterland” сорока медицинских модулей для строительства медицинского федерального центра травматалогии, ортопедии и эндопротезирования в Смоленске, которое проводится в рамках национальной Программы «Здоровье». Непростая ледовая обстановка, мороз и ветер не стали препятствием для проведения этих работ. Автопоезда с дорогим грузом регулярно уходят из […]

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Discharging of the barge “Johanna” was finished

(Русский) Баржа Johanna с грузом проекта «Здоровье» по доставке модулей в Новосибирск успешно доставила 1-й лот модулей из Манхайма, Германия в Антверпен, Бельгия.

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