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Delivery for the National Space Centre in Astana, Kazakhstan


Chandler completed delivery of the high-tech equipment for the construction of the National Space Centre in Astana, Kazakhstan.
The oversized units of 1.815 ft  were delivered directly from the manufacturer in Liège, Belgium to the customer in Astana.
The radius of four biggest components (segments) of the Thermal Vacuum Chamber Systems was 9,5 m.
The transport route ran from the Inland Port Liège to Antwerp, Belgium, where the cargo was transhipped to the ocean vessel, from where it was shipped to the Port of Archangelsk, Russia for the customs transit und further transhipment to the inland-ocean-vessel. The vessel continued its route through the North Sea and through the Rivers of Ob and Irtysh to the Inland Port Omsk, Russia.
The delivery from the Inland Port Omsk to Astana was done by road transportation. Considering the difficulties of the infrastructure, the transportation route was planned and developed in collaboration with Kazakhstan Highway Research Institute.
Due to the over width of the delivered equipment, oncoming traffic was disabled on some sections of the road to guarantee smooth processes.
Furthermore, a diversion route was built in order to cross the Russian-Kazakhstan border, eliminating the need to disassemble the border fence.
Thanks to precise logistics and multi-modal transportation, the cargo was delivered within a very short period resulting in the optimal budget for the customer.
Despite oversized cargo and difficult route conditions, Chandler was able to meet the customer´s expectations and deliver the cargo within the required deadline.

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