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Dlivery of equipment for the construction of a new advanced oil processing plant at “Lukoil-Volgograd» Volgograd

In the context framework of the project for the delivery of equipment for the construction of a new advanced oil processing plant at “Lukoil-Volgograd» Volgograd, Chandler has successfully delivered ancillary equipment from Italy.

The cargo containing 30 oversized units weighing from 20 to 99 were delivered to Volgograd river port terminal “Tayanka”. The maximum length of the column reached 39 m and 4.16 in diameter, so for automotive transportation of goods specialized 7-axle trailers with a parting of up to 30 meters were involved.

To unload the heavy equipment, a special area was setup for the 350-ton crane and a 12.000 m2 open storage area. Transportation route from the port to the refinery amounted is 7.5 km. The quality of the road was either very poor or non-existent in some places, so before carriage was conducted, a comprehensive repair of roads with the expansion of some sections of pavement was done.

It should be noted that the equipment was delivered to refinery according to the installation schedule, so the timely delivery of columns in a well-defined sequence has provided non-stop process of insallation “on wheels”.

The work was extremely challenging due to the climatic conditions. In May the temperature reached 35 C in shade. Another challenge with the climate is the emergence of “gnats”. Work outdoors can be only done in special mosquito nets. However, despite all the challenges, the equipment has been delivered to the refinery on time and without damage.

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