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SB 280 Asphalt-mixing plants delivery to the Kaluga region.

The deliveries of SB 280 asphalt-mixing plants to the Kaluga Region and K 149 to the Tver region of the Russian Federation were successfully completed in the period from May to June 2015.
The total number of delivered items accounted 83 unites, weight – 455 tons.
For the transportation within the EU territory we used 39 specialized road trains that allow to transport oversized equipment.
Equipment for these installations was made in the north of Italy and was delivered for the consolidation to the German transit port for further ferry shipment to the Saint-Petersburg’s Port.
Equipment was delivered in one lot what made possible to do customs clearance in short terms in Saint-Petersburg.
For transportation of components within the Russian Federation, 13 trailers were involved (tilt and mega trailers) as well as 27 units of specialized vehicles for transportation of oversized equipment.
Due to the well-established and coordinated work of Chandler’s employees, complete set of equipment was delivered as scheduled.

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The delivery of two mobile harbor cranes „Liebherr“ to the Sabetta port (RU)

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Delivery of turbocompressors to Kurgan (RU)

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